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Naveed Masih & Sana

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Ministry to families enslaved
in the brick kilns

In Naveed's own words: "I accepted Jesus Christ in 2007.  

At that time me and my family used to work in a brick kiln. Jesus Christ freed me from the slavery of brick kiln and debt in 2008.  It is written in the Word of God: know the truth [Jesus Christ and the Gospel] and the truth will set you free.

In 2009, Jesus Christ called me to preach the Gospel. Now I am preaching the gospel with all my zeal. I have always felt the pain of brick kiln families, because i and my family used to work in a brick kiln.

The families working in the brick kilns lead a backward life. They cannot educate their children. Children work with parents all day. They live in debt slavery. Due to debt bondage, they is deprived of educating their children.

We have started three free schools, teaching 220 children of brick kiln families.

Our goal is to provide hope and additional options so that the children can be freed from debt slavery inherited from their parents. We are raising funds to free families from debt slavery. We also go to peoples living in slums to preach the Gospel."

Opening day of third elementary school:
site of future church

Freedom, schools, preaching

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